Shri Shivaji Vidya Prasarak Sanstha's

Late Karmaveer Dr. P. R. Ghogrey Science College,

Dhule, Maharashtra

'A+' Grade NAAC Re-Accredited

Affiliated to Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon

बहूजन हिताय | बहूजन सूखाय ||

About Us

          Dhule, as recalled and noted down in records has a prominent place on the map of the nation; proudly housing three major national highways where, residents proudly say, you may visit any corner of India. A group of farmers, tribal people from adjoining areas with the servants from all over India, Dhule serves as a slice of the nation; and honourably has unity in diversity. Another identification as well as benefit of the city is that it is situated at the banks of the Panzara river.

          Summing up the physiognomies of the city, Dhule stands as a glorious city in the eyes of everyone. However, it was the time- besides all assets of the city- when Dhule was a degenerated city in terms of higher education even after a long time from independence. There were few schools imparting high school level education but none of the colleges. It was only in 1956, under the motivation of Late Hon’ble Chudaman Patil, and a group of social well-wishers came together and established the SSVPS sanstha in 1908. Simply having the wish in mind to provide potential students higher education facilities near their home, they started the College of Arts,Science and Commerce in 1956. Their philanthropic view may be seen in the motto: Bahujan Hitay Bahujan Sukai.

          The college is then marching forward with a goal to creatively contribute the society through the pursuit of learning at higher level of excellence. The institute has contributed in many ways for economic, social and cultural uplift of the society by offering quality education. Since the inception it has been known for academic excellence, inventive pursuits and athletic dynamism. The college is a multi-stream institute catering to the needs of the young minds primarily from the rural areas. Our society runs not only the college but also have the other numerous colleges and school.

          The S.S.V.P.S.’s L.K.Dr.P.R.Ghogrey Science College was accredited as B++ Grade in 2003 and reaccredited as ‘A’ Grade with CGPA3.14 in 2011.It is also recognised by UGC as College with Potential for Excellence. Our institute is one of the renowned institutes in the adjoining area. We welcome the upcoming students from rural and triable areas who made remarkable progress and set theirs and college’s image in society. Many of the students of this institute secure top position in various fields.

          Initially the college was affiliated to the Pune University, and obtain permanent affiliation in 1990. Since the inception of North Maharashtra University in 1991, the college is permanently affiliated to the same. The university spreaded over three districts: Jalgaon; Dhule; and Nandurbar, being on the boundaries of Gujrat and Maharashtra, and one being the district of tribal people. The university is trying hard to uplift the downtrodden, while keeping in touch with the rapidly changing world.

          Last but not least, the college has the advantages of developing youth coming from rural area, and forming them into sensible youth as they are mixed in the cosmopolitan society. The college is aware that every coin has two sides: hence students coming from rural areas have inferiority complex, their vernacular background being most disadvantage for them. The college has faced challenges to improve their communication skills, to boost their confidence to bring them into modern current while making them aware of great Indian culture.