Shri Shivaji Vidya Prasarak Sanstha's

Late Karmaveer Dr. P. R. Ghogrey Science College,

Dhule, Maharashtra

'A+' Grade NAAC Re-Accredited

Affiliated to Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon

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Staff members arenotified regarding “Internal Quality Assurance Cell” constituted for a period of two years with immediate effect to create awareness regarding functions of IQAC .Functions to be discussed are administrative-processes, teaching-learning process, to enhance researchquality and standards, to enhance student support services, etc.

  1. Dr. Sanjay Tukaram Patil Vice President, S.S.V.P.Sanstha
  2. Principal Dr. M. V. Patil Chairman
  3. Mr. A. S. Biraris Co-ordinator
  4. DR. S. N. Nandan External Expert
  5. Shri Raju Ananda Patil Representative, Local Society
  6. Prof. Narendra B. Patil Representative, Alumni
  7. Adv. Pramod G. Patil Representative, Stack Holder
  8. Shri. Rajendra Jakhandi Representative, Employer
  9. Shri. Devendrasing Gulabsingh Pardeshi Representative,Employer
  10. Mr. Ram Gopal Singh Kushwah Representative, Industry
  11. Dr. S. Y. Patil Member
  12. Dr. C. B. Patil Member
  13. Mr. R. D. Chaudhari Member
  14. Mr. H. M. Bhamare Member
  15. Mr. G. R. Patil Member
  16. Mr. M. D. Suryawanshi Member
  17. Mrs. S.C. Patil Member
  18. Mr. R. S. Pagare Member
  19. Mr. K. M. Borse Member
  20. DR. D. A. Dhale Member
  21. Dr. S. N. Kotkar Member
  22. Mr. P. A. Patil Member